Blue Drinks


  • 1 12 oz. can of frozen margarita mix (Bacardi brand or similar), slightly thawed so the can can be squeezed
  • Blue Curaçao liqueur
  • Tequila (Herradura or other brand)
  • Ice


  1. To blender pitcher, add partially frozen margarita mix from can
  2. To now empty mix can, fill ⅓ with Blue Curacao and add to blender
  3. To now empty mix can, fill ½ with tequila and add to blender
  4. Add some ice (enough to mix but not too much to gag the blender; if blender gags, add more water and if necessary, use a wooden spoon to dislodge ice from blender blades)
  5. Mix blender at high until mixed (start and stop at different speeds if needed)
  6. Until blender pitcher is filled to around 45 to 50 oz., add water and ice and mix blender at high; repeat

Serve in margarita glasses.  Do not add salt.

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