Category: Cocktails

Dirty Martini

Ingredients (per glass) 2 jiggers (around 3 oz. or 100 ml) vodka, unflavored (if possible, use vodka that’s been stored in a freezer, otherwise, wing it) 1 oz. dry vermouth ½ oz. olive brine juice (what’s in a store-bought olives jar other than the olives!) 1-3 green olives from store-bought jar Preparation To shaker, add vodka,…

Blue Drinks

Ingredients 1 12 oz. can of frozen margarita mix (Bacardi brand or similar), slightly thawed so the can can be squeezed Blue Curaçao liqueur Tequila (Herradura or other brand) Ice Preparation To blender pitcher, add partially frozen margarita mix from can To now empty mix can, fill ⅓ with Blue Curacao and add to blender…

Kir Royal

Ingredients 2 oz. chilled crème de cassis (blackcurrant-flavored liqueur) chilled Champagne of your choice, preferably dry (optional) fresh raspberries Preparation Select fluted Champagne glasses (preferably chilled) Add crème de cassis to flute Add 1-2 raspberries to each flute Fill to the rim with Champagne, mixing by very slowly turning flute