Les Halles

Ah, we miss Les Halles (also known as Brasserie Les Halles, pronounced as LAY ALL).

This modern and fun French restaurant at 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington DC was a favorite of many, not just us.  This location closed around November 2008 after 15 years.  Two Les Halles locations remain, both in New York City, though we’ve not been to either of them.  The current menu in New York is similar to the menu we enjoyed at the DC location, though some familiar dishes don’t seem to be on it.

Ah, but the memories.  We always looked forward to seeing Aisha and Mehti, waiters and sometimes sommeliers.  Celebrating New Year’s Eve and the new year through noisemakers, hats, and fine meals and drinks… plus the great desserts.  We even participated in one of the waiter’s races that they sponsored and conducted for many years.  We have many photographs to share.

We enjoyed the hanger steak (onglet à l’échalote), the merguez, the choucroute garnie, the pétatou de chèvre, the frisee lardons, and lots of other dishes.  Plus I remember having a special squab of pigeon.  And I always asked for a side of sautéed spinach (not on the menu).

Les Halles, a favorite restaurant where our memories will last forever.

Website: http://leshalles.net/brasserie/

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