Hard Times Café

A perennial favorite of the ginHill crowd is the original Hard Times Café at 1404 King Street in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia.  We enjoy the Santa Fe egg rolls as an appetizer. Rick always goes for the five-way Texas chili (and adds lots of Tabasco sauce).  Howard likes the 2-way veggie Mac along with cole slaw (which isn’t on the menu).  I’m sure Bethany would prefer the Cincinnati chili! Though the cornbread is actually good, we opt out of it because when we enter we’re salivating for the chili.

Of course, Hard Times has branched out to over a dozen fine locations throughout Virginia and Maryland.  Hmmm… they’re also in old DC in the new Nationals Park!

They actually sell a selection of chili mixes you can use at home.  You can buy their mixes for Texas, Terlingua Red, Cincinnati, or vegetarian chili.  That said, I’m not sure I am worthy of using their chili mix.  It’s always far better when prepared at Hard Times.

On warmer days, we take our favorite dogs to dine outside at Hard Times on the bricked sidewalk right out front.  After your meal, be sure to visit David Martin next door at GoldWorks and discover the fine jewelry that he custom designs and produces.

Website: http://www.hardtimes.com/
Alexandria telephone: +1-703-837-0050

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